Onno Peper

Onno Peper Born in 1954 in Haarlem, I started building harpsichords in 1984. Selfmade in making harpsichords I find much joy and succes in this beautifull profession. My instruments have a lively, full sound that is much appreciated by my customers. Up till now I made 130 instruments and every time it is a challenge again to make the ultimate instrument of absolute top quality.

Also I revised, restored and improved hundreds of harpsichords, spinets and virginals. This work asks much technical insight, experience and creativity. Very often it is possible to improve an instrument, not only technically, but also the soundquality.


Decoration is an art. Important is to obtain a result which is a pleasure for the eye but at the same time conform the traditions of the past. Together with customer and artist, we decide on the best possible decoration. My instruments are decorated by professional artists who can work in many different styles.

Since 1994 my workshop is situated in Oss. Of course you are very welcome to pay a visit.


There are many professional players, owners of an instrument of my hand, who certainly are willing to inform you:

Prof. Mitzi Meyerson  0049308835770
Miche Erau00492217603467
Christian Schauerte0049-1782324555
David Bedlow - Dublin  0035312148457
Claudia Kranen0433255167 (NL)
Ruud Kerkhoven0118460926 (NL)
Fons vd. Linden0464370917 (NL)
Johan Hakkens0497388977 (NL)
Christine Wauters003237774929 (BE)
Bart Wuilmus0032477703287 (BE)