On this page you will find some pictures of clavicimbels I have build in the past.

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Christofori New harpsichord built by Onno Peper. This instrument is for sale per direct. Please contact Onno for more information.

Click on one of the links below to listen to a recording of this instrument:
Frescobaldi played by Eelco Kooiker

Ruckers Colmar

Harpsichord soundboard and case decorated by Bianca Snip, harpsichord lid painted by Johan Hakkens.

Click on one of the links below to listen to some recordings of this instrument:
Malle Sijmens - Sweelinck
Prelude e-moll - Louis Couperin
Sarabande e-moll - Louis Couperin

Christian Zell 1728 with pedal harpsichord
Iohannes Ruckers 1638

Click here to watch and hear a recording of this instrument.

Andreas Ruckers 1644
Pascal Taskin Vaudry 1681
Johann Daniel Dulcken 1747 Christian Zell 1728
Antonio Migliai 1702 Christofori